A history worth sharing

For over a century, the King George School building on 400 Park Avenue has given a great deal to the community of Newmarket—as an educational centre, cultural hub and historic landmark. Designed by O. E. Trench and built by local contractor McIntosh, the structure is a well preserved example of early 20th century architecture, and one of Downtown Newmarket’s historically significant buildings.

A heritage worth celebrating

Today we celebrate the legacy of ‘the building that keeps giving.’ Generations enriched their minds and bettered themselves within its walls, a community grew beyond those walls, and a neighbourhood matured around its foundations. Now, King George alumni, neighbourhood residents, and the whole community are about to witness the rebirth of this Downtown Newmarket icon.

A lofty future worth preserving

The Rose Corporation is committed to giving back to the King George School building with a long-deserved restoration. More than just preserving a building, the King George School Lofts & Town Homes will revitalize a legacy of community-giving: now with lofts instead of classrooms and residences instead of playgrounds. A renewed heritage for a new generation of Newmarket residents.

A way of life worth reviving

There was a time when integrity simply meant “no compromise.” This principle is at the heart of the King George School Lofts & Town Homes. Experience living inside a century old foundation of uncompromising quality, attention to detail, and substantive purpose.

You’re invited to join the revitalization of a Newmarket icon.
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